GSoC 2024 Project Idea 21.1 HarmonyHub: A Web-Based Platform for Learning Variable-Pitch Musical Instruments (350 h)

Music education faces unique challenges, especially when teaching instruments with variable pitch such as wind instruments and bowed strings. Achieving mastery over these instruments requires personalized guidance and deliberate practice strategies tailored to each student’s level and progress pace. The HarmonyHub project aims to address this challenge in music education by developing a comprehensive web-based platform that facilitates the creation of customized exercises by music teachers for their students. Such an innovative platform will allow for the intuitive composition of exercises, adaptable to students’ varying levels, enhancing the learning experience and fostering a more effective teacher-student interaction.

Outcome: HarmonyHub seeks to empower music educators with the tools to create more engaging and personalized learning experiences, bridging the gap between traditional music education and modern technological capabilities. By fostering a more interactive and personalized learning environment, the project aims to significantly improve students’ musical skills and motivation, making the journey of learning musical instruments more intuitive and rewarding


  • Develop a user-friendly interface that enables music teachers to compose and customize music exercises.
  • Integrate API management for musical score generation and sound generation features (e.g., metronome beats and MIDI sounds).
  • Implement audio analysis capabilities for real-time feedback to the music student, using audio processing libraries like Essentia.
  • Create personalized learning pathways for students, considering factors like age, technical level, and desired progression speed.
  • Enhance student learning experiences and promote deliberate practice through digitalization in music education.

Skill level: Intermediate

Skills Required: HTML, JavaScript, and Python. Experience in digital signal processing and musical knowledge is preferred but not mandatory.

Time Commitment: Full-time (350 hours)

Lead Mentor: Alberto Acquilino (

Backup mentor: Mirko D’Andrea (

Project Affiliation: This project is part of the research initiatives at McGill University, aiming to improve music education through digital means.

Technical Keywords: Open Source Music Education, Digital Signal Processing, JavaScript, Python, HTML, MIDI.

Greetings! Hope you’re doing well.
I’m Prahalad Rajagopal, a third-year student majoring in Computer Science at SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India. I’m very passionate about building computational solutions for typically non-technological problems. I’m constantly on the lookout to further expand my knowledge on this field through hands-on experiences.
I find this project very interesting, as I have learned music ever since I could talk. It is an integral part of my life, and I would love to contribute to any effort to share this vital and beautiful art. I have studied Python, JavaScript, Database Management Systems and web server frameworks in great breadth and depth through my curriculum, and I have implemented these practically and gained hands-on experience through various projects in my academic trajectory. For instance, during my internship with IIT-Madras’ EnerG group I was responsible for building a NLP-based model for processing humongous documents to create a question-answering system and incorporate it to the front-end design of a much larger tool for studying the carbon footprint of energy-based companies. I have also worked with signal processing before- I have developed a novel method of encrypting ECG waves using a mathematical modelling technique and have published this work too. I have done various other projects which have helped me gain the skills required in full-stack development as well as model-building and machine learning.
Please find my LinkedIn profile attached below. Should you need any more information, please do let me know and I will be more than happy to provide it to you. I understand that as an undergrad, my experience and exposure might seem limited. But, I assure you that I’m a quick study, and will work on any task assigned to me with the utmost dedication and sincerity. I would be honored to work on this project with you in whatever way possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Prahalad Rajagopal
+91 8667745225

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Thank you very much for your interest! Please, let us know how we can support a potential application from you for this project. The best method of communication for us is via email at the provided addresses.


Hello sir,
I’ve sent you a mail regarding the same. Kindly guide me further.

Thank you.

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Greetings Alberto,

I am Manya Gupta, an aspiring data scientist. I have experience in building end-to-end applications using HTML and JavaScript. I am also well-versed in building ML/DL models for various applications. I would love to discuss about this project with you.

Hello @Alberto Sir,
I hope you’re doing good. Can you please send me the Sample proposal? I have prepared a rough proposal on my end in depth on this project covering all aspects as mentioned in the description with timings including the research I did on tech side. If you can share the proposal, I can adapt a rough proposal to a sample one. Looking forward to it.
Thanks & Regards,
Kunal Singh


Thanks for reaching out. I am using as a reference this document: INCF GSoC 2023 Application template - Google Docs

Looking forward to read about your ideas!

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