GSoC 2024 Project Idea 6.1 Improving and extending the user interface of the Neuroptimus parameter optimization software tool (175/350 h)

Biologically detailed models are useful tools in neuroscience, and automated methods are now routinely applied to construct and validate such models based on the relevant experimental data. The open-source parameter fitting software Neuroptimus was developed to enable the straightforward application of advanced parameter optimization methods (such as evolutionary algorithms and swarm intelligence) to various problems in neuronal modeling. Neuroptimus includes a graphical user interface, and works on various platforms including PCs and supercomputers.

The aim of the current project is to extend the existing user interfaces (GUI and command-line) of Neuroptimus with currently missing functionality that would make them more informative, flexible, and user-friendly. Examples of added functionality would include the following: (1) The ability of the user to save and load all the settings of the optimization at any point in the GUI. (2) The ability to monitor the progress of the optimization while it is running (solutions could range from a simple progress bar to a more sophisticated monitoring tool). (3) Saving the results of the optimization in formats that are more easily interpretable by either humans or computers. (4) Analysis and visualization of the final and intermediate results of the optimization in the space of optimized features and individual parameters.

Skills and effort: Intermediate

Required skills: At least intermediate coding skills. Comfortable with Python. Experience with visualization and user interface design would be beneficial.

Time commitment: Flexible (175/350 h)

Mentors: The project would be supervised by members of the Computational Neuroscience laboratory at the Institute of Experimental Medicine (Budapest, Hungary), including Máté Mohácsi ( (the lead developer of Neuroptimus) and Szabolcs Káli ( (head of the laboratory).

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Good morining everybody I am Basma Elhoseny a 4th year computer engineering student at Cairo University Faculty of Engineering . I was asking about the idea no 6.1 i have been working with python for about 3 years and i have UI/UX experience BasmaElhoseny01 (Basma Elhoseny) · GitHub . I am asking from how can i begin

Respected Máté Mohácsi Ma’am,

Hope you’re doing well! I wanted to express my interest in the Project Idea 6.1 Improving and extending the user interface of the Neuroptimus parameter optimization software tool,

I have done various projects in NLP , ML and Development, and additionally I have a project focusing on improving the well-being of women and specially abled individuals. I believe my skills can add value to the project, especially in enhancing user experience of Neuroptimus.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and discuss how I can contribute under your guidance.
Looking forward to your response.
Adarsh Jha

Hello, I am Atharv Fakatkar, a Sophomore in computer engineering at the Pune Institute of Computer Technology, India. I am eager to contribute in the aforementioned project idea. I am proficient in Python programming. I have worked with a variety of GUI frameworks.

Could you provide insights on what are the fields that require development currently? Looking forward for your guidance in the matter.


I am B. Amisha Pai, a student in Information Science Engineering at R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India. I want to express my interest in Idea 6.1.

I am well-versed in Python programming, having completed several projects in Python, and I have experience with GUI frameworks as well. I also have a keen interest in neuroscience and have developed projects in that field, such as an app that helps ease the lives of dementia patients. I am passionate about healthcare, Python, machine learning, and data visualization and absolutely love diving into the intersections of these fields.

I would love the opportunity to contribute to this idea. Please let me know how to proceed under your guidance.

Thank you.


I am Gunjesh Kumar, currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Information Technology at Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering. I am reaching out to express my interest in Project Idea 6.1, which involves improving and extending the user interface of the Neuroptimus parameter optimization software tool.

With a strong background in UI/UX design and over two years of experience in Python programming, during which I have successfully worked on various AI and ML projects, I believe my skills and knowledge align well with the requirements of this project. I am confident that my contributions can enhance the user interface of the Neuroptimus tool.

I am eager for the opportunity to actively contribute to this idea and am looking forward to receiving your guidance on how to proceed further. Thank you for considering my interest.

+91 9063095958

Dear potential Contributors,

Thank you for your interest in our work. In order to learn more about the background of the current project, I suggest that you take a look at this paper:

The software has been substantially updated and extended since the publication of that paper.
You can find the current standard version (also including a link to the documentation) here:

If you have questions or suggestions about the paper or the code, please feel free to contact us.

If you wish to become a contributor to our project, then (in addition to becoming familiar with the resources above) please introduce yourself via email to, and make sure that you describe how you have contributed to software (preferably via links to the code on Github or other similar platform).

Hi! My name’s Ian and I’m a fourth year data science and philosophy student at Claremont McKenna. I’m writing to express my interest in Project 6.1. I have three years experience with python, four years with UI/UX development (Kleiner Perkins Design Finalist), and I have specialized in computational neuroscience. You can find more of my design work at Thanks!