GSoC Project Idea 2.3: Integrating a robotics-simulation package

BoB robotics ( is our in-house biorobotics library, written in C++, which is used within a large research project (Brains On Board:, which spans multiple universities, including the University of Sussex and the University of Sheffield. Currently, however, we lack a good system for simulating our ground-based and flying robots.

This project would involve integrating our library with a more complete robotics simulation package (for example, Gazebo: to give us a richer capability to analyse offline how our bio-mimetic models are likely to perform on real robots. Another possible task for this project would be to develop a system for integrating 3D reconstructions (e.g. of our lab space) into the simulation platform.

Skills required: C++, experience with 3D modelling (as a bonus)

Mentors: Alex Dewar & Andy Philippides, Sussex U, UK.