GSoC Project Idea 4.1: Visualize a large Connectome in 3D using HTML5



Data visualization plays a crucial role in TVB’s neuroinformatics platform, and a Structural Connectivity (connectome) is a core datatype, modelling full brain regions and their connections. An interaction paradigm needs to be proposed, as well as the implementation to be done for such a connectivity visualizer in the browser client of TVB. We need to easily display and interact with up to 1000 regions in a connectivity (1000^2 adjacency matrix) in 2D and 3D. Rendering performance as well as per-element interaction is important. Interaction from the user: rotate, zoom, move, edit edges, etc. are all necessary.

The current implementation is documented here:

Expected Results: Completely redo and improve a section of TVB front-end (Connectivity Cockpit) from UX design, down to implementation, web technologies and optimization for extremely large data structures.

Skills: HTML5, React JS and Python

Mentors: Lia Domide & Paula Popa, The Virtual Brain project.