GSoC Project Idea 4.1: Visualize a large Connectome in 3D using HTML5

Data visualization plays a crucial role in TVB’s neuroinformatics platform, and a Structural Connectivity (connectome) is a core datatype, modelling full brain regions and their connections. An interaction paradigm needs to be proposed, as well as the implementation to be done for such a connectivity visualizer in the browser client of TVB. We need to easily display and interact with up to 1000 regions in a connectivity (1000^2 adjacency matrix) in 2D and 3D. Rendering performance as well as per-element interaction is important. Interaction from the user: rotate, zoom, move, edit edges, etc. are all necessary.

The current implementation is documented here:

Expected Results: Completely redo and improve a section of TVB front-end (Connectivity Cockpit) from UX design, down to implementation, web technologies and optimization for extremely large data structures.

Skills: HTML5, React JS and Python

Mentors: Lia Domide & Paula Popa, The Virtual Brain project.


Check this preview:

Hi, I am Deepak Singh Rathore 2nd year student I want to participate in GSoC 2019. I have experience in HTML5, React JS and python. I made a web application using HTML5 and Django(web framework written in python). I am good at web development I read the documentation it is very good after that my interest is an increases in this project. I want to contribute to this project. Suggest me which type of issue I should solve first.

Not sure if you managed to see this:

Hi, we are happy to find of your interest.
As part of the application process, we do not require you to necessarily solve issues.
We advise you to focus on writing a good application, not too long, but with enough technical details to prove that you understood our project.
Depending on your style, researching for your application doc might include (not necessarily all, and maybe not in this order): reading TVB documentation (, installing TVB_Distribution (, play with demos and GUI in TVB, read our code (, check open issues and try small ones to help you better understand the code (
In case you think you need more help to start-off, do not hesitate to write back.
Good luck!

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my name is manoranjan kumar bharti i’m from india and i have been reading your doc from last week and playing with demo’s(i mean following doc) it was fun :smile:
after reading your doc i got interest in the project .
i’m sport programmer i love to do competitive programming here is link to my profile.
i know how to optimize the code that is required to speed up the process and enhance the performance of certain algorithms as we do in most of the algorithmic problems .
apart from this i have done some of my project on python ,React JS and HTML5 so i’m comfortable with this project. this is my github link .
so i would like to send proposal on this idea so i need some template by which i can make my proposal more effective although i’m working on writing the proposal
hope i will get reply:
i would also like to know if there is any communication channel apart from this.
thank you

this sounds like fun.I am not able to see your working demo locally because the code is in python 2.any updates for py3?

We have starting the migration to Py3, but only by the end of the year is expected to be ready.
We have many dependencies to clear.

But this project proposal being focused on the HTML side, should not be influenced too much. You can use a TVB_Distribution package which comes with Python 2 inside. There is no need to install Python 2 on your machine separately.

I write here the relevant part from a recent question I received by private email, because I think it might be of interest for everybody.
There are the top 3 reports from students we are proud of (the order between these is not relevant):

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i mean running it on local machine and matching with your doc it is fun i guess.
btw it is not that demo which is given in the doc.

thanks this will give some idea :slight_smile:

i was replying to the author of this question :slight_smile:

sure,perhaps the selection process if over already but is it possible to be an independent contributor(of course,after passing code reviews) for this project?

ohh my bad :confused:

Hi. It is still possible to apply. Check with GSOC official calendar. But one would need to hurry in writing the application these days.