GSoC Project Idea 8.3: Extended support for the NIX file format in GIN

The G-Node Data Infrastructure (GIN) services[1] provide a platform for management and sharing of data in neuroscience. Inspired by GitHub, the platform uses a git/git-annex backend for versioning and sharing of scientific data, offering the power of a web based repository management service combined with a distributed file storage. It addresses the range of research data workflows starting from data analysis on the local workstation to remote collaboration and data publication. GIN also provides indexing services for convenient searching of data and metadata, including information in well-defined formats like the odML[2] metadata format and the NIX[3] format for scientific data.

In this project we want to enhance the GIN data management services by making use of specific features of the NIX format, such as the comprehensive organization of metadata and the representation of relationships between the data. This would materialize as a set of features on the GIN web front-end for extended search, visualization and exploration of data stored on GIN.

Outcomes of this project would be the ability to extract structural properties and metadata from files and to present and visualize the results as statistical summaries.

Skills: A successful applicant will have some experience with Python and Go as well as git and is interested in working with ElasticSearch and JavaScript-based data visualization.

Mentors: Achilleas Koutsou, Michael Sonntag, G-Node