Having hard time with PhD/Science? You are not alone!

Hi everyone,

I want to invite you all to an event I am co-organising, Growing up in science, which tries to help PhD students and early career reserachers with diffculties they might be facing, especially with regards to mentorship, mental health, impostor syndrom and other struggles.

Here is a link to the recorded event on YouTube.

See here for more details.

Brief Description:
Have you ever wondered what your advisor struggled with as a graduate student? What they struggle with now?
Growing up in science is a conversation series featuring personal narratives of becoming and being a scientist, with a focus on the unspoken challenges of a life in science: struggles, failures, doubts, detours, and weaknesses. Common topics include dealing with expectations, impostor syndrome, procrastination, luck, rejection, conflicts with advisors, and work-life balance, life outside academia but these topics are always embedded in the speaker’s broader narrative.
Instructions on how to attend the talk (via Zoom and Youtube) will be circulated on our mailing list (join our mailing list here https://cortexclub.com/join-us/). Alternatively, on the day of the event we will share the youtube link on our social platforms and website. More info: https://cortexclub.com/event/growing-up-in-science-oxford/


I forgot to say that:

  1. You will be able to ask questions live, remaining anonymous if you choose

  2. This will be recorded so you can watch it later if you cannot make it