Having trouble running Tractoflow on an HPC after updating the bids config file

Hi! I’ve been trying to run Tractoflow using Nextflow and Singularity and am running into this error:

BIDS config: /data/DNU/liza/data/XXY/Nifti/derivatives/results/Read_BIDS/tractoflow_bids_struct.json
ERROR ~ Argument of `file` function cannot be empty

 -- Check script 'main.nf' at line: 245 or see '.nextflow.log' file for more details

Here’s a screenshot of what this json file looks like. I had to fill out the ‘t1’ field

I would appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

Hi @Liza_Levitis,

Sorry about that. Which version of Nextflow do you use ?


Guillaume Theaud