HBN phenotypic data scores calculation

I am working on HBN (Healthy Brain network) data, specifically on cognitive and mental health tests.

Where can i find specifics of how each score in each test has been calculated?

I’ve tried to look into the papers, mentioned in the Assessment_List_Jan2019.xlsx (which doesn’t contain references for all the tests available in the dataset), they however do not always specify the exact calculations of each score.

Hi @neuroLena,
You can find the data dictionaries on the LORIS Healthy Brain Network database (assuming you have the data use agreement signed): https://data.healthybrainnetwork.org/main.php


Unfortunately, although some dictionaries have suffix _raw & _scaled, most dictionaries do not explain how exactly each score was calculated (which questions are included, was the score scaled, or adjusted to Age or any other variable, etc.) see for example:


In case of Total scores, technically, i can just simply check if the sum of questions responses equals the total score, but in cases with multiple scores it will be more complicated to deduce and less reliable