HCP 1200 dataset - getting gender of the subjects

How can I get the gender and age of the subjects in the available HCP dataset? I understand that there’s no such information in the curated dataset made available to us by NMA but can that be retrieved from the original HCP 1200 dataset which is available here?

Yes, that is included in unrestricted demographic information from HCP

Okay great. Though after checking the original HCP dataset, the size of the data is humongous (~1200 GBs). Shall check if there’s a way to download just the demographic details and then map them to the dataset provided by NMA.

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Register and log into connectomeDB ( https://db.humanconnectome.org/app/template/Login.vm ), go to the S1200 dataset. Click “open data set” and then find the “Quick Download” section and click on “Behavioral Data.” This will open a new data set with a wall of text. Select all and copy. Open a text file and paste. Save as a .csv file. Open in excel.

Got it @johnmurray! Thanks a lot sir! This was a BIG help.

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