HCP emotion task; SPM design matrix shifted?

Hey all!
I’m trying to set up a simple first level analysis of the HCP emotion task (1200 subject release, only for the data of the retest subjects) via a matlab script. Took the stimulus onset times and durations out of the EV txt files, but I think my design matrix looks weird? I’m attaching it here.
Basically, it’s supposed to be three trials per condition and per session - but to me in the design matrix it looks as if the last trial is cut short and as if a lot of time pases prior to first stimulus onset. As if the design matrix had been shifted?

I’ve tried factoring in the number in the “sync” file from the onset times but this results in an even weirder design matrix. I couldn’t find much about the “sync” txt in the HCP documentation, so am thinking maybe this doesn’t need to be factored in at this place after all.

(I’m currently a master student and this is my first foray into HCP/writing my own analyses scripts, so sorry if this has a very obvious solution to you or if I don’t provide a lot of infos about the question! Obviously very happy to provide you with whatever additional infos are needed.)

Thank you for your help!