HCP emotion task

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Anyone happened to have the problem that the output from condition_frames is out of the data index? The data has 360parcels * 176 frames, however, the condition_frames function gave me index beyond 176. My solution is to restrict the maximum to 176. Is there any better ideas?

Same problem here. Did you solve it by restricting?

Yeah, it kinda worked for me. I have checked the HCP protocols, it says “Note: A bug was written into the E-prime script for the EMOTION task, such that the task stopped short of the last three trials of the last task block in each run. This bug was not discovered until data had been collected on several participants. Consequently, the BOLD images and E-Prime data for the EMOTION task are shorter than our original design described above.” I guess that’s the reason.

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Oh thanks. Probably that is the case so we can just subtraxt the last three trials for each run. Did they discard the data or not do you know? Or it still is a measurement without the stimuli?

emmm, I am afraid they did nothing to the data. I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea to discard the last three trials because they were not actually recorded. My understanding is that the last recorded trial didn’t have sufficient blank frames followed as it was supposed to.

Ok now got it i think. The trials were done but last part was just missing okay.If you are okay can you share the edited code on condition_frames function?


Hi Wen Wen, do you know where this page has gone? I cannot find it anywhere…Seems like the HCP folks have deleted it?