HCP Network labels by parcel

I had looked up the Ji et al. (2019) paper to find assignments for each of the 360 parcels in the HCP data to functional networks, and downloaded the mappings from their Github (https://github.com/ColeLab/ColeAnticevicNetPartition/blob/master/CortexSubcortex_ColeAnticevic_NetPartition_wSubcorGSR_parcels_LR_LabelKey.txt). I then realized that Neuromatch had provided us with the mapping from that source already. So I thought I’d double-check whether the mappings lined up.

The problem is…while most of the parcels do line up (suggesting that it’s not totally mismatched), there are some cases where it doesn’t. Were the parcels re-ordered somehow relative to the original source? I guess we should be safe using the ordered labels provided by Neuromatch, but I’m still confused as to why they wouldn’t match up. Does anyone have any insight on this?

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Hi, I was recently analysing hcp data using the Glasser (2016) atlas with 360 parcells and likewise, I wanted to use Ji et al. (2019) network but happened to see you mention that “ Neuromatch had provides us with mappings from that source" . I would like to ask you 1) which network did you finally choose? 2) where can I find the Neuromatch network partition from? 3) Do you have some suggestions for visualising jie’s network in nilearn? Thank you!