Hcp workbench cifti-smoothing question

hi all, i am a little confused how to correctly use this command to utilize fwhm: Connectome - Workbench Commands

wb_command -cifti-smoothing
4 4
-left-surface …/…/code/analysis/templates/tpl-fsLR_hemi-L_den-32k_sphere.surf.gii
-right-surface …/…/code/analysis/templates/tpl-fsLR_hemi-R_den-32k_sphere.surf.gii

do you think this is correct? or does the 4 4 need to go after -fwhm? it isn’t clear to me based on the documentation.


Hi @dclb,

The 4 4 are corresponding to the surface and volume size of the kernel. The -fwhm is you telling the kernel to use 4 as the FWHM of the smoothing distribution function, instead of the variance.

So in short, what you have should run. Do you get errors, do the visualized results look okay?


I was not sure if I needed to put the 4 4 after -fwhm, hence me asking the question. I just tried running what I have posted above and got the error

ERROR: Unexpected parameter: -fwhm

Any thoughts?

Followed up offline, turns out it was just due to not using the most up to date version.