Head motion regular vs head motion derivatives

We are using regular head motion six regressors in our analysis along with first 5 components of acompcor. I am wondering what difference does it make if we add 6 more head motion derivatives regressor as well. What are the potential limitations in it? Is it generally common to use these together? Thanks!


Please look at the following papers, it is a complicated question with different answers depending on your data, what kind of analysis your are looking for, etc

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(2) Parkes, L.; Fulcher, B.; Yücel, M.; Fornito, A. An Evaluation of the Efficacy, Reliability, and Sensitivity of Motion Correction Strategies for Resting-State Functional MRI. NeuroImage 2018, 171, 415–436. Redirecting.

(3) Caballero-Gaudes, C.; Reynolds, R. C. Methods for Cleaning the BOLD fMRI Signal. NeuroImage 2016. Redirecting.

Sorry for not providing a more straightforward answer!

Thanks very much for the reply. Will look into it!
Just for the reference we are looking at task based functional MRI in aging population and planning to use GLM

To give a more concrete answer, in our lab, for task fMRI, we generally use 24 motion regressors (as recommended by Friston et al.), + the first 12 aCompCor components for WM and 12 aCompCor component from the CSF mask. This was particularly efficient for elderly population where more motion in the fMRI scans was noticed.

Friston, K. J., Williams, S., Howard, R., Frackowiak, R. S. J., & Turner, R. (1996). Movement-related effects in fMRI time-series. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 35 (3), 346–355. http://doi.org/10.1002/mrm.1910350312

Thanks for the getting back. But since we want to compare young and old results, we want to use the same for both groups. Is there any balanced option for dealing with it?