Help for BIDS sessions naming

Need some advice on how to deal with the sessions concept in my study.

I have subjects that came in for 2 sessions. There were 4 Functional tasks that were done, TaskA, B,C,D… (where Task A and B are always done together, C and D are done together) Now for some subjects, their TaskA and TaskB happened in session 1, while for others their TaskA and TaskB happened in session 2. What is the BIDS approach to this? Can I just leave the naming as is, or have some text file that lets others know that sometimes the session tasks were flipped?

Hi @Ashmis

Thank you for your message! Perhaps a sample of the A+B task can be - sub-01/ses-01/sub-01_ses-01_task-A_bold.nii.gz and sub-01/ses-01/sub-01_ses-01_task-B_bold.nii.gz . When the task happens in the second session the structure would be sub-01/ses-02/sub-01_ses-02_task-A_bold.nii.gz and sub-01/ses-02/sub-01_ses-02_task-B_bold.nii.gz . This approach would hold for naming your C and D task combination.

I would recommend if there is a more descriptive name for the tasks to use that instead.

When testing the implementation - I would suggest converting 1 subject and validating the structure before moving to BIDSify the dataset.

Thank you,