Help with html output from tedana

Hello there!

I’m running #multiecho #resting state through fmriprep and #tedana. I’ve mananged to get the fmriprep to work fine, and the tedana dn_ts_OC output file also looks good and the tedana .png components.

However, I’m not getting the tedana_report.html to show properly - the webpage is a blank screen apart from two clickable links to the Tedana 0.0.9 github page and the Tedana readthedocs.

The report.txt is fine. And when I look at the html report file in a text reader, the html text is all there fine. I would just like to have all the nice images!
Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you fix it?


Hi @angharaddecates !

This is a known issue (see issue #766 on GitHub) and you’re not the first one to raise it.

I will have a look at it this week and hopefully, we can make a release with a fix soon.

Thank you for pointing it out! :blush:


Amazing, @e.urunuela! That is so kind and good to know.
I’ll perhaps try and check back in in a week or so!


I (or another tedana developer) will let you know when the fix is ready :wink:


Hi, stumbled across this when looking through some posts. Had a similar problem recently (tedana 0.0.11) and figured out it was related to bokeh requiring internet access (was working on our offline cluster). Running this before tedana helped:
export BOKEH_RESOURCES=inline

Not sure if this helps here, but something to try if someone else are having similar issues.

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Another option is to use Rica, which doesn’t rely on Bokeh or Python at all.

Edit: The issue was closed in September by the way.

@e.urunuela: yes, but that issue concerned one missing component, right? My issue (and OP’s issue as well, it sounds like) was that the entire interactive figure under the header “ICA components” was missing from tedana_report.html. Anyways, setting the referred environmental variable solved it when working on an offline computing cluster. Can Rica be used without internet access?

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You’re right @markushs. Thanks for sharing the solution!

Yes, Rica can be used offline. You can find instructions to install Rica here.

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