heudiconv/BIDS/datalad: metadata ingestion, processing, publishing

I have converted a collection of dicoms to BIDS using heudiconv, with the --datalad option, and passing multiple dicoms by subject option -s A B C.

Dicom metadata have been transferred into .heudiconv/ metadata files, e.g. .heudiconv/DICOM-NAME/info/dicominfo.tsv. Other BIDS metadata sidecar files are copied into BIDS output folders. I would like to make as much of those metadata available to datalad search after publishing the datalad repository. Running datalad aggregate-metadata only seems to capture top-level contents, and ignores lower level BIDS metadata files.

Is there a way to convince datalad to ingest BIDS json and tsv metadata recursively so it will be available to datalad searches at the subject/session level?

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