Heudiconv Forced Update? (New version message stops run bug?)

I have run Heudiconv before, and particularly the same setup in the same environment. The only thing that seems to have changed is that Heudiconv is telling me that there is an updated version. For clarity, I run this via a Singularity container by submitting a job to a cluster via slurm as the WLM.

All of my logs from slurm output tell me:
INFO: Running heudiconv version 0.8.0 latest 0.9.0
INFO: Need to process 0 study sessions

Is the logging that a newer version exists supposed to lead to this?

Here is the command if it helps:
sbatch -n 1 --mem=5000 --time=1:30:0 --cpus-per-task=2 --job-name=“convert_sub-204015” --output=/bgfs/adombrovski/DNPL_DataMesh/Data/EXP/logs/DCM2BIDS_logs/Output-convert_sub-204015-jobid-%j.out --wrap=“singularity run --cleanenv -B /bgfs/adombrovski/DNPL_DataMesh/Data /bgfs/adombrovski/DNPL_DataMesh/Code/Singularity/heudiconv_latest.sif -d /bgfs/adombrovski/DNPL_DataMesh/Data/EXP/data_DICOMs/{subject}// -s 204015 -o /bgfs/adombrovski/DNPL_DataMesh/Data/EXP/data_BIDS -f /bgfs/adombrovski/DNPL_DataMesh/Data/EXP/heuristic.py -b -c dcm2niix”

Thanks in advance for any help on this!

well – that message about new version is just FYI and should nohow effects the operation. You can even disable that if you run with NO_ET=1 IIRC. It is hard to say what is the problem here – may be the double-funny looking trailing slash in /bgfs/adombrovski/DNPL_DataMesh/Data/EXP/data_DICOMs/{subject}// ?