Heudiconv -'need to process 0 studies sessions' error

Hello to all and thanks to you for the help.

I have several participants in which I would like to convert to BIDS format via Hudiconv.
I used this command in Ubuntu

heudiconv --dicom_dir_template /mnt/s/AG/AG-Lernmechanismen/NegSymp/SyMoNe/SYMoNe_DICOM_raw_data/test{subject}{session}_//* --outdir ~/data/bids/rest/ --heuristic /home/tal/code/fmriprep/heuristic_rest.py --subjects BS043 --ses T2 -c dcm2niix -b --minmeta --overwrite

I get right away this response:

Need to process 0 studies sessions.

I checked the paths, it is all right, and this command worked before. Important to say that I try to proccess now participants that I processed via Heudiconv already before (successfully), but I want to create now different BIDS files and to re-process them. I deleted old files in the output folder, and it still doesn’t help- any idea?

Thank you,