Heudiconv v0.8.0 fails to remove tmp directories

Hi all,

I have established a Snakemake workflow that wraps the heudiconv (v0.8.0) shell command. I have a directory with hundreds are Tarballs and have noticed that when heudiconv completes a task it is not removing the temporary directory from /tmp/heudiconv*.

The current command I am passing:

heudiconv --files {input.tar_files} -o {params.bids_out} -f {params.heuristic_file} -c dcm2niix -b

Is there a parameter setting I am missing or is this intended behavior? With hundreds of files it eats up my /root storage fairly quickly.

Thank you,

Hi @ggilmore, thanks! Indeed this is a bug - I’ve opened up an issue here on the github repo https://github.com/nipy/heudiconv/issues/462. We’ll work on a fix that should make the next release.