How can I create new tags?



Why not just to keep it the short “dHCP” – due to domain specifics of the website unlikely we would ever need a DHCP tag (as for “Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol”)?


Yeah of course neurostars is domain specific, but i was more thinking about web indexing :slight_smile:

What about developingHCP? That’d be consistent with our twitter handle.


Not sure if this matters, but tags need to be all lower case.


ok shall we make it developing-hcp then?


Seems it got created with one character too little indeed:
Is it possible to change it to developing-hcp?


I’ve added developing-hcp but I don’t know how to delete tags. @satra?


deleted developing-connectom


Hi, can we get at “nighres” ( tag so that we can track user questions?


it is done, it is done


Thanks! Woot woot! (needing 20 characters to post)


Hey guys, we just made our dashQC repo public and told people to come here with questions. Any chance that could become a tag? just dashQC


done (needing 20 characters to post)