How can I run a IDE such as spyder in nipype docker image?

Hi, I downloaded the nipype docker image from this page.

I think it is the last version nipype docker image.

when I use " docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8888 nipype/nipype" to initialize it.
I can use python or ipython, but I can’t find any IDE such as spyder or jupyter notebook in this container.
This seems inconvenient for data analysis.
But I don’t konw how to improve this situation。

I don’t want to pip install jupyter-notebook in the image every initialization?

Or you have other smarter way ?

And pip install jupyter and run “jupyter notebook” seems not work to me.


You might be best served making a dedicated nipype anaconda environment
conda create -n nipype -c conda-forge nipype, and then installing jupyter/IPython/etc in that environment.

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Thanks a lot ~ My conda-nipype environment can’t call the Matlab and SPM command. May be I can try off-matlab SPM.
Now, I use nipype_tutorial:2020 images for data analysis. It has jupyter notebook. Hope not big changes in last year.

hahahaha, I find the reason I can’t use SPM in my own nipype environmnet. I need use “spm.SPMCommand().set_mlab_paths()” command to set the spm path every time.

Now, I can use the last version nipype in my own nipype environmnet. Thank you for your hard work in this community!!!!

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