How learn computational neuroscience from zero

I want ask to All knowledgeable people out here.
How should i start learning computational neuroscience?
I’m a first year graduate in data science. Ive started with
python and Javascript , maths ,stats . I’m very interested in learning computational neuroscience.
Let me know what would be best roadmap for learning it🤔.
Recommend me some Course available online , youtube videos, books , articles or any references.
Thanking you in advance :pray:t3:

Hi @vrun,

This is a broad question, and I’m sure that different people will have different answers !

One suggestion would be to look at the Neuromatch Academy materials : Introduction — Neuromatch Academy: Computational Neuroscience

Brainhack School has also generated a lot of useful materials for learning computational neuroscience, though that course is primarily oriented towards project-based learning : List of training modules




INCF’s TrainingSpace has a study track devoted to computational neuroscience: Introduction to computational neuroscience | INCF TrainingSpace, which provides a road map for people with different backgrounds (e.g., biology vs. CS).


thanks for the recommendations!
@Emdupre, @Ariel_Rokem. I’ve started to learn from incf training space.

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