How to add clinician notes

We have clinician notes (.txt-file) for every PSG file commenting on the recording and would like to include them somehow. Could that for example be as a field in the EEG recording data sidecar JSON file, add it to .bidsignore or is there a better solution to this?

Thanks in advance!

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How big are the files? If these are rather small notes, one could consider adding them to the SubjectArtefactDescription field in *_eeg.json (source)

What do you mean by PSG file? Is that a file format that you consider converting to a format that is accepted in BIDS?

This is also a viable solution. Use of .bidsignore is generally not encouraged, but if your “tweak” is very simple and obvious and use of .bidsignore allows you to pass the validator, I think it’s okay. Just remember to do a good job at documenting these idiosyncrasies well in your README.

Alternatively you could think of converting the notes to HED tags and add those tags to the events files: Hierarchical Event Descriptors - Brain Imaging Data Structure v1.7.1-dev