How to add git options to datalad clone

I learned from the datalad documentation that I can add the git clone option after the source and path of the datalad clone, but the option is not recognized.
I would like to know how to specify the git option.

use newer datalad:

āÆ datalad --version
datalad 0.17.9+38.g653438e21
āÆ datalad clone --bare
[INFO   ] Remote origin not usable by git-annex; setting annex-ignore                               
[INFO   ] download failed: Not Found        
install(ok): /tmp/addurl (dataset)
 /tmp ā–“ā–’ā–‘ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€ā”€

looking at changelog ā€“ was added in 0.16.0 (Fr Apr 8 2022) -- Spring cleaning! release

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