How to add sleep scorings?

In my bids-compliant sleep data set, I wish to also include the sleep scorings. These are ‘manually generated derivates’, and would normally (outside of the bids standard) be treated as a core part of the data set. In practice, it is structured as a very long list of events.
I would much rather package this data inside the session-folders, instead of in the derivatives folder (on the basis that if I were to share or download a minimal version of this data set, the scorings would be as important as the recorded data). What’s the proper way to do this? Add it to .bidsignore?

I assume you are talking about EEG. You could add them as an extra “physio” dataset and add a note explaining how they were generated (I assume you’d be sharing the EEG data as well).

both “extra physio” and “.bidsignore” sound fine to me …

or you could:

  • add them to “events.tsv” directly
  • use HED tags

You could also have a look at Redirecting… and comment on that BEP :slight_smile:

I feel like I should add what solution I ended up with:

I have added the scoring as a separate event-file, using ‘scoring’ as ‘acquisition’ value. That both appeases the validator, and makes somewhat sense relative to how sleep data is usually shared.

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