How to Change the High Pass Filter Cosine Basis Function in FMRIprep?


Is it possible to change the default discrete cosine basis function for the high-pass filter (cut-off 128 seconds, HZ=.008) to a different value in FMRIprep? We have some events in our design that are ~100 seconds apart, and we would like to lengthen the cut-off to over 200 seconds. What is the best way to go about doing this?

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Daniel Sazhin

Hi @danielsazhin and welcome to neurostars!

You are not able to change the default DCT regressors in fMRIPrep, but you can just not use them and perform filtering separately. If you are deadset on using aCompCor regressors, then you may have to recalculate those. Otherwise you should be fine.


Thanks Steven for your guidance!

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