How to datalad clone un-adjusted branches of an adjusted repository

When having a datalad repository on a filesystem that doesn’t support symlinks, the repository is checked out as an adjusted branch (branch adjusted/master(unlocked). When I do datalad clone on this repository, I get this adjusted branch back. Similarly, I get the adjusted branch back for all subdatasets.

How do I clone the master branch instead for the dataset and all subdatasets? The datalad clone command does not have a -b branch option or similar…

This is a datalad bug and tracked here: was merged (in 0.15.3-310-g1fcbbb5c1) so will be available as part of the 0.16.0 release to come out some time early next year. There you can pass any git clone option to datalad clone invocation as a last argument. This way you should be able to pass -b master at the end of your datalad clone invocation and hopefully (I have not tried) it would do the right thing. Can you install master branch of datalad from github and give it a shot?