How to download a file of a Datalad dataset

Dear All,

I’m quite new to Datalad. I read a paper from Science Data journal. this paper published the Datalad dataset as reference:

  1. Richie-Halford, A. et al. Healthy Brain Network AFQ Derivatives., Zenodo, nrdg/HBN-POD2-derivatives-afq: v1.0.1 | Zenodo (2022).

I downloaded the datasets from above zenodo link. I want one of the files, combined_tract_profiles.csv.

But when I open this csv file, there is only one line of text in it:
.git/annex/objects/56/G1/MD5E-s542987465--69e4e9301f7f358780ca289214d24589.csv/MD5E-s542987465--69e4e9301f7f358780ca289214d24589. csv

But this is not what I want, this file should have multiple rows of csv with various measurements for multiple subjects. How should I download it next? Use DataLad?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


If you already have datalad installed. Run

datalad get combined_tract_profiles.csv

And it should obtain the file content. This is the general approach. I did not look at the particular dataset you linked.

Thank you for the quick reply!
I downloaded the files I needed.