How to find opportunity in Neuroinformatics or Computational Neuroscience?

Hello all,

I have Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Neuroscience from Canada. I am an experienced Data Scientist with over 2 years of experience with my current Neuroscience company.
I am looking to switch now, but I am hardly able to find any permanent fulltime openings in Neuroinformatics or Computational Neuroscience or Neuroimaging Research Software Developer/Programmer or Neuroscience Scientific Computing jobs or Data Scientist in Neuroscience similar to what I am doing now. I searched indeed, LinkedIn, google jobs most of the positions I see is for postdocs or contract temporary(6month-1 year)(these are very few too compared to postdocs). May I please get some advice on where to look out for such openings? or any other job board/platform I can search.

Thank you