How to find slice timing

this is question about OpenNeuro dataset.
I could not find slice timing?
how to understand slice timing of these data…?
are they top to down or down to up?
are they Sequential slice or Sequential slice?
you know I cann’t understand it
the dataset take with siemens syngo MR B12 model…

this is my email…

Slice timing can be found in the associated JSON files with the functional nifti files. Here is an example from the dataset you linked (DS000030 / SUB-10159 / FUNC / SUB-10159_TASK-BART_BOLD.JSON):

The nthe element of that array corresponds to the nth slice of the brain. So, the first slice was collected at 1.0025 seconds, and second slice was collected at 0 seconds (when the scan begins), and so on so forth. I believe Siemen’s convention is that lower slice numbers correspond to inferior brain, and higher numbers to superior brain.

Hope this helps!

thanks for your answer.