How to get slices of axial plane / z axis within specific range of coordinates?


Basically I trying to get the 25 slices of axial plane / z axis within z coordinates starting from -18 to ending at 60. I can get the 25 slices of axial plane using nilearn.plotting.find_cut_slices - Nilearn but now how to get the slices within specific range of z coordinates -18 to 60. The only reason to work with these specific coordinates is because the image is having good amount of anatomy. May I please get some guidance on this concept? Thanks

I don’t see any simple solution. If you can provide a binary image which is non-zero in the corrdinate range you want, you could use it to mask the target image, then (optionally) use nilearn.image.crop_img on this masked image to get an image with only the slices you want, and finally call find_cut_slices on this image or directly on the masked image.
Does that make sense ?
Otherwise, you can proceed by trial and error and call find_cut slices on the original image and select only the slices in the range you wish.

@bthirion sure thanks that makes sense I will try that out