How to name scanner generated MRI composed file according to BIDS specification

Dear bids experts,

I am currently trying to bidsify a dataset that contains anatomical data as follows:

  • two images of the same contrast that do not covers the exact same field of view (FOV)
  • a third one that is the concatenation of the two previous one (that covers the union of both FOV) and is automatically generated by the MRI scanner

This third image is used for further processing so that I would like to keep it but dont know exactly of to name it and store it. Should I keep it as rawdata or derivatives ? should I use a key like _rec- or something else ?

Best regards,

Hi @alexpron,
Personally I would do the following, keeping everything in raw data:

Use the acq-<> label, such as acq-FOV1/FOV2

Use the rec-<> label, e.g., rec-mergedFOV.

You can use whatever names you want for those labels, just be sure to specify and explain it in your BIDS README file.


Nice ! Thanks Steven for your answer !