How to open 2 images at one screen on mango?

Hello everyone,

I want to see 2 image at one screen on each others with mango. I am new at mango and I am using overlay for this issue but it shows me completely white brain or… it does not work like what I want. Can you help me?

Here I show loading a statistical overlay (spmMotor) on top of an anatomical scan (spm152). Both images come with MRIcroGL.

  1. From the Mango main window choose the “File/OpenImage” menu item and select the background image (e.g. spm152).
  2. A new window is created, showing the spm152 image. From this window choose the “File/AddOverlay” menu item and select your overlay image (e.g. spmMotor).
  3. In this example, the overlay loads with a threshold of 3…9 corresponding to red…white. You can adjust this in the main window.

There are a couple of alternatives for showing overlays. Since they are free, you can pick and choose the best tool for your task:

  1. FSLeyes works hand-in-glove with FSL, but works as a general purpose image viewer.
  2. MRIcroGL
  3. If you use macOS, you can get MRIcro from the Apple App Store

Thank you so much for the information. Regarding your information, I understood that all of the stuffs are manuals on mango and fsleyes. I have changed many parameters and now my problem has been fixed. Thanks again.