How to organize multiple sessions?

I am currently working on processing fMRI and sMRI of ADNI data set(Alzheimer’s disease open data source).
I’m struggling with organizing multiple sessions.

For example, I want to organize files like this.

  • ses 1
    • anat
    • func
  • ses 2
    • anat
    • func

However, session number is different from person to person.
In addition, the original folder does not named as session number, rather imaging date.
So when I tested as it is written on the tutorial site, it is not organized into session number or imaging date, but run01 or run02 was attached in front of the nii.gz file.

Anyway, organizing session can be done on the terminal? Or should I edit configuration file?

Below is the configuration file.
“descriptions”: [
“dataType”: “anat”,
“modalityLabel”: “T1w”,
“criteria”: {
“SidecarFilename”: “MPRAGE_SENSE2”,
“SeriesDescription”: “MPRAGE_SENSE2


  "dataType": "func",
  "modalityLabel": "bold",
  "customLabels": "task-rest",
  "criteria": {
    "SidecarFilename": "*Resting_State_fMRI*",
    "SeriesDescription": "Resting_State_fMRI"


Hi @_JY,

This is a configuration file for dcm2bids, correct? If so, I’d suggest first making sure that you have the most current versions of dcm2bids (2.1.4) and dcm2niix (v1.0.20190410), to ensure that things are up to date with the BIDS specifications. Regarding the issue with organizing your sessions, that can’t be done in the configuration file, but rather, in the dcm2bids command itself, using the -s option. So in your case, you could do something like this:

dcm2bids -d ses1_dicomdir -p subjectID -s 1 -c configuration_file.json -o outputdir
dcm2bids -d ses2_dicomdir -p subjectID -s 2 -c configuration_file.json -o outputdir
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