How to render the statistic results of EEG source-reconstructed maps like this figure?

Hi experts,

I need help with rendering EEG source-reconstructed maps like this figure:

(Richard Henson et al, 2019,Multimodal Integration of M/EEG and f/MRI Data in SPM12. Frontiers in neuroscience )

I have tried using the “Display – Render” option. Not to mention the rendered brain does not appear in the same position (It appears at bottom part rather than the top-left part of the figure “Graphics”). Despite trying various files in the spm12/canonical directory, I couldn’t achieve the exact fully expanded surface as shown in the figure.

I also tried using the rendering code provided following the paper from which the figure was taken:


However, when running the code (after getting glass brain image), I encountered the following error messages in the command window:

Error using camlight (line 60)
is an invalid argument
Error in spm_mesh_render>myView (line 567)
Error in spm_mesh_render (line 362)

I’m not sure what went wrong. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


SPM12: v7771

Environment (Docker, Singularity, custom installation):

matlab 2016a, Win 10

Considering packages like RAVE, AFNI/SUMA, MNE-tools to do projection of data onto a surface.