How to replace peaks function after fvtk removed

I am very new in dipy and i faced a problem, according to dmipy example, " Visualizing estimated peak orientations", I need to use peaks function from fvtk but it is removed from dipy , how to replace this function?

Looks like DIPY has functions to extract peaks DIPY : Docs 1.4.1. - direction. This tutorial might help: DIPY : Docs 1.4.1. - Reconstruction with Multi-Shell Multi-Tissue CSD

Thanks for your reply, but dipy uses it’s own modeling functions? how can I send my modelling to


can you look at dmipy example that I mentioned before? and see how i can send this model to peaks_from_model ? thanks for your help (@Steven )

I’ve never used DMIPY, so I cannot help in that respect, but there are plenty of tutorials for different modeling algorithms here: DIPY : Docs 1.4.1. - Examples