How to resize and reorient the MRI volume

Apologies for too basic question.
I have two brain volumes one is in gray background in the following image, other is in red overlay. as we can see they are in different orientations also they have different sizes.
The Gray volume is of the size (160, 192, 224)
The Red overlaid volume is of the size (144, 192, 256)
How can we reorient ? would we do it just by transposing.!
and how can I resize the red volume to the gray volume. which tool should I use here.



In AFNI, you can change these properties of a dataset. If you think the header information is incorrect, you can use “3drefit” to change properties (with the “-orient …” option to change the orientation); you would probably want to copy the dataset first, since you will be changing it itself.

If you want to change the matrix size, you can use “3dZeropad” to add/subtract matrix rows in any of the dimensions: padding side by side, or symmetrically, or otherwise.