How to run GUI for visualizing Steinmetz data?

Hi everyone!

I found on Github page for Code accompanying Steinmetz et al., Nature, 2019 ( that there is a GUI for browsing neuronal responses. However, I did not figure out how to run it. I downloaded “Spikes” repo ( and i don’t see there “launchRasterViewer” that is supposed to run it.

Any suggestions?


Tagging @nsteinme. Also might be a good idea to open an issue on Github?

Kseniia got in touch outside of this forum but since there are some other ‘likes’ to this question: the launchRasterViewer function is in the first repository that Kseniia has linked, in the root directory.

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Their data acquisition and storage format is on a standard that you can use with MNE-Python (developed by Alexander Gramfort @ Paris-Saclay). It’s good for importing and for initial visualizations e.g. the coordinates of electrode contacts, and you can then store the data in an np.Array for further processing

It has good documentation, and you can just do a 10-second install by from pip (pip install mne) at the start of your Colab notebook.