How to run Heudiconv without Docker?

My lab is trying to create a data pipeline for our MRI data to convert it into BIDS format. We use a Cluster Hosting Program so I do not think we are able to install any container software to help us convert to BIDS. We came across Heudiconv however the Github page lacks a guide on how to use Heudiconv without docker although they make it sound like it is possible.

Anyone use Heudiconv without docker? Anyone have another converting to BIDS without a container solution?


Iā€™d say that the best way to know all dependencies is reading through the Dockerfile -

But, before trying the installation yourself or getting the sysadmins annoyed I would consider Singularity first as an alternative to Docker. It is amenable to multi-tenant clusters so probably your sysadmins will be more open to install it.

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