How to set environment variables after download the Mindboggle Docker container

Hi everyone,
I’m attempting a docker install of Mindboggle on Ubuntu 14. I’ve followed the
recommendations here ( Firstly, I installed docker following this web page( After docker installation, I used the following commandline

docker pull nipy/mindboggle

then, the status showed “Download newer image for nipy/mindboggle: latest”. The next step is to set environment variables. How to do it? I don’t know where is the bin directory of docker and mindboggle,thus I can’t add their path to “~/.bashrc”.
Another problem is that I don’t understand the meaning of the following two command lines. I can’t find binarybottle directory. Does "DOCK=/home/jovyan/work "means the installation directory of docker?


Thanks for any help.

Ignore that “Download newer image” message.

“/Users/binarybottle” is just an example directory (in this case, my home directory) that you wish to access to move files in and out of the docker container. Please replace with your own path to a folder you wish to access on your own computer.

DOCK is the path to your home directory in the docker container.

You are then ready to run the single docker command or enter the docker container to run multiple commands, as described in the documentation.