How to start contributing to INCF for GSOC 2023

Hi everyone

I am a final year Computer Science undergraduate student at the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, India.

I have a solid foundational background in Computer Science and mathematics and have done several projects related to application development, machine learning and computer vision in the past. I’m familiar with MERN stack (using Node and SQL/NoSQL DBs), Tensorflow, Pytorch.

I am interested in contributing to INCF. If the organization is participating in Google Summer of Code this year, I’m interested in applying for the program too.

As I’m completely new to INCF, I’d be grateful if you can guide me as to how I can get more involved (things I should read before diving into the code and issues which are suitable for a beginner like me)? I’m willing to learn any new technologies and pick up challenging projects.

Looking forward to a response.


Ansh Kumar
Final year UG student, Computer Science
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology