How to use a label from dlabel.nii file as ROI in volume analysis?

I read a study recently and I found a ROI in this study is exactly what I need. So I download the surface file and respective label file provided from the authors.
However, these files are HCP format. The surface file is surf.gii and respective label file is dlabel.nii. I also have respective MRI template as nii file. But I don’t know how to combine the surface file and label file and transform them into a ROI used in DTI study.

There isn’t a direct correspondence between vertices and vertexes, so this can be tricky and always involves a bit of approximation. You may find something like this useful: MVPA Meanderings: approximately matching different parcellations.

@jaetzel , could it be that instead of “vertices and vertexes” you meant “vertices and voxels” or “voxels and vertexes”?

@Roger1219 , maybe as additional pointer to what @jaetzel provided, you can have a look at mri_surf2vol and mri_vol2surf programs from freesurfer.

:rofl: Indeed, I meant “vertices and voxels”.

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thanks a lot for your advice. :smiley: