How to use BRAINSConstellationDetector using nipype library

I am using BRAINSConstellationDetector to detect and align ACPC points in anatomical MRI images. The problem I am facing is that there is no proper document available that illustrates its use in python environment. I have used the following code to allign v1.nii image to generate v2.nii re-aligned image but the program didn’t generate any v2.nii. I don’t know what am I missing here. Thanks for your suggestions.

from nipype.interfaces.semtools.segmentation.specialized import BRAINSConstellationDetector, BRAINSConstellationDetectorInputSpec, BRAINSConstellationDetectorOutputSpec

input_spec = BRAINSConstellationDetectorInputSpec(houghEyeDetectorMode = 1, inputVolume = r’C:\Users\19830112\Downloads\v1.nii’, outputVolume = r’C:\Users\user\Downloads\v2.nii’, outputResampledVolume = True, outputTransform = True, outputLandmarksInInputSpace = True, outputLandmarksInACPCAlignedSpace = True, outputMRML = True, outputVerificationScript = True, mspQualityLevel = 1, forceHoughEyeDetectorReportFailure = True, debug = True, verbose = True, writeBranded2DImage = True, resultsDir = r’C:\Users\user\Downloads’, writedebuggingImagesLevel = 5, numberOfThreads = 8 )
a = BRAINSConstellationDetector().input_spec()