.IMA files for dcm2bids

Hello all,

I’ve got some .IMA files that I’m hoping to preprocess using fMRIPrep. It seems to work if I run dcm2bids on them but I just want to check whether there’s anything specific I should be doing before/during running dcm2bids with those files, for example converting .IMA to .dcm before running, or any particular settings I should use in dcm2bids?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @millielow,

If I remember correctly, .IMA is just a Siemens .DCM image. I believe some DCM readers can read .IMA natively, but if not, you can try just replacing the .IMA file extension with .DCM. There may be some proprietary Siemens fields that are not translated in dcm2bids, but everything needed to create a BIDS dataset should still be present. Curious to know how it works!


Ah I hadn’t thought it’d be so simple! Trying that now and fMRIPrep currently running- will have a comb through the json files and check the fMRIPrep output and let you know if any differences!

Thanks Steven

I’ve tried running dcm2bids after changing .IMA to .dcm as well as on raw .IMA files and can’t tell any difference between the nifti or json files output and both run through fMRIPrep just fine, so it seems not to matter! Thanks again for your help Steven

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