Importing a Nifti mask in BrainVoyager

Hello there!

I’m trying to import several .nii masks on BrainVoyager, but they do not seem to be imported well. These are the masks that I have:

And when I import them, this is what I see:

When in reality, what I should see is this:

The voxels where the mask is have a value of 1 and the ones that are not have a value of 0. In other words, in SPM, it works, but I’m doing the project with BV.

Does anybody know what is happening here? I’m using BrainVoyager Trial. Maybe that’s the problem…

Thank you in advance,

I see that the initial nifti files only contain 0s and 1s. So, it might be the case that the file is imported correctly but the visualization intensity range is set to 0-255 so voxels that have 1 in them are just too dark to see. You can try multiplying your files with 200 first then import them in BrainVoyager to see what happens. (e.g. using fslmaths input.nii -mul 200 -input_x200.nii command from FSL).

It worked! Thanks a lot!

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