Importing fmriprep output in CONN through scripts

Hello Everyone,

I am new to neuroscience and I am trying to learn about CONN toolbox. I have implemented CONN toolbox complete analysis using both GUI ans scripts. I would like to know how to import fmriprep output into CONN through scripts. It would be really helpful if I could find a solution to this.

Thank you for your time

Even though it uses the GUI, CONN 20b has a fmriprep import option which automates it. It works for volumetric analyses and imports confounds automatically.

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can we do the import through scripting?

I am also interested in importing fmriprep derivatives through scripting the conn_batch. Did you ever figure it out? Thanks!

You may find XCP_ABCD to be well-suited for your connectivity preparation needs. You can then output the post-processed images to a GLM in nilearn, for example, to run the connectivity analyses.

yes I figured it our, if you havn’t figured it yet, let me know and I will email you the procedures