INCF call for community project proposals and mentors for GSoC 2021 - deadline for expressions of interest January 15

Hi all,
INCF will be applying again to Google Summer of Code, for the 11th time running. Last year was a record year in the number and diversity of projects, we hope to do at least as well this year!

A note on scope: we are looking for open source project ideas with some sort of neuro connection - fixes or extensions to big/broadly applicable or small/niche tools used by neuroscience researchers, efforts and initiatives in the broad field of computational neuroscience. If your project supports or implements neuroscience standards or best practices, we are especially happy (but all projects are treated equally, when it comes to slot assignments). This year, we are also looking for mentors who come without their own projects and are willing to take on student-proposed projects that fit their interests.

We need you expression of interest by January 15, full idea description a week later (January 22).

More info: via this link

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I have completed the application, we are now officially aplying for GSoC 2021.