Incorrect TR - header of nifti denoised bold

Dear team,

I am using XCP_D v0.5.0 to denoise fmri data preprocessed with fmriprep. I noticed that TR (repetition time) within the header of xcp_d denoised bold file (nifti image) is saved incorrectly. Our TR = 2000 ms, however nifti header shows 1000 ms. In the json it is saved correctly though. Is this intentional?

Thank you,

It’s definitely not intentional. I believe it’s a byproduct of using nilearn for certain steps. Generally the JSON file takes precedence when there’s a mismatch (and in this case the JSON is definitely more accurate), so hopefully this won’t cause problems for users, but I think it’s worth a bug report. Would you mind opening an issue in the GitHub repo?

Thank you @tsalo, certainly, I have created an issue in the GitHub repo as well.