Info for HCP events files


I am trying to BIDS-ify Human Connectome Project Data. Most of it is handled by GitHub - suyashdb/hcp2bids: To convert Human Connectome projects(HCP) data to BIDS std. However, that software does not make task events.tsv files. Looking at the EPRIME file, I see that TaskName maps to Trial_Type, BlockLength maps to Duration, but I cannot find the field in these EPRIME files that would map to Onset. Does anyone have any idea of what EPRIME column header would be when the trial began?

Candidates include:

  1. ExperimenterWindow.OnsetTime[Block]
  2. Wait500.OnsetTime[Block]
  3. Wait500.StartTime[Block]
  4. Wait500.OffsetTime[Block]
  5. PresentBlockChange.OnsetTime


Found helpful information near after posting haha,
The answer varies by task and trial part of interest, but the guide above is helpful!